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The Social Security Administration denies about 2/3’s of all initial
    disability claims that are filed.

The appeal process can be quite daunting and time consuming,
    but, I will make it simple and do the work for you.

If you have been denied you will need to file an appeal within
    60 days
from the date of your denial letter.

It is very important that you contact me prior to the expiration of this
    60 day period
or your claim for past due benefits will be forever lost.
    Your past due or lump sum benefit can add up to a lot of money because
    it is based on the onset date of your disability which is usually determined
    by the date you last worked.

Legal Representation Provided:

Interview and discussion of initial and appeal level requirements

File all initial or appeal documents

Regular contacts with the hearing office to determine your hearing date

Request medical records and documents to verify your inability to work

Make contacts with your doctors

Prepare legal brief for the Judge

Discussion and preparation of client prior to the hearing

Represent you at the hearing


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