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I am your DISABILITY INSIDER. I worked for the Social Security Disability Services (DDS) for many years and was involved with making disability decisions at the initial application level. I have also worked in the law firm setting to assist attorneys with their disability cases.  Because of my training and experience I know the system from the inside out!  I know what it takes to win  your case!

I am an Advocate for clients who are seeking expert assistance with their disability claim.
I will eliminate the quagmire for you and provide a personal touch. You will always get a return phone call within 24 hours, if not sooner.

You can get involved in your case to the extent you are comfortable. I sometimes need the client's assistance and especially when your doctor is hesitant to provide the necessary documentation. Your input and suggestions are welcome. After all, it is your case!

If your case is accepted there is no upfront charge or fee for my services. You should be aware, however, that your doctor(s) will charge you for copying your medical records. After we win your case, my fee is based on a percentage of the lump sum benefit that you will receive from Social Security.


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